Tecnis™ Multifocal

No Fort Worth or Dallas area eye care provider is more in tune with the latest advancements. Tecnis is a great example, the newest multifocal lens that we offer. The Tecnis Multifocal Lens is unique in that it allows cataract patients to see clearly at any distance without glasses. The Tecnis Multifocal not only enhances near, intermediate and far vision, it reduces nighttime side effects such as star bursts and glare.

To learn more about the Tecnis Multifocal lens, visit www.tecnismultifocal.com.

Is the Tecnis(TM) Multifocal right for you? Eye Consultants of Texas offers all Presbyopia correcting lens treatment options. All are very effective, but there can be small differences that relate to your particular needs. Call for a consultation so we can help you make the right choice.